Training and employment of fitters

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Understanding technical documentation, ability to make a part, metal assembly skills – these are our tasks in the training of fitters. 


A fitter is a specialist who has sufficient knowledge to assemble various metal structures: from construction to engineering ones.

  • Personal approach

    Main selection criterion is the desire to acquire a profession. The program is built according to your skills.

  • Employment

    If you were selected for training and you successfully completed it, then you will find employment in our company.

You will gain such main knowledge: 


Understanding of design and technological documentation


Assembly drawings reading, understanding of the assembly procedure for welding metal structures, rules for the designation of welds in the drawings according to
DSTU ISO 2553-2014


The ability to mark the part on the surface of metal


The good cut of a metal product is based on good marking, which can only be done by skillfully owning a measuring tool.


Skills for locksmith work performing


The understanding of fitter tools capabilities allows you to quickly master the high-performance metalworking technology.

The ability to evaluate the effect of thermal heating on the deformation of metal structures is the way to achieve high quality products.


The knowledge of the labor protection basics 


The training in the standards and requirements for labor protection, industrial safety, electrical safety when performing locksmith work, metalwork and welding, including when working with equipment for thermal cutting, during hydraulic and pneumatic tests.

Підготовка електрозварників 

Підготовка електрозварників 

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