Preparation of welders for certification exams according to DSTU (National Standard of Ukraine) ISO 9606

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Welder is one of the few working specialties that requires the constant assessment of qualifications.


For welders in order to prepare for certification exams for assessing qualifications in accordance with the European standard ISO 9606, which is conducted by the inspector of the German Certification Company TÜV (Association for Technical Supervision).

  • Personal approach

    Main selection criterion is the desire to acquire a profession. The program is built according to your skills.

  • Training at Soldamatic

    Training on Soldamatic simulators using augmented reality (AR) technology

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    Pay only for materials

    In our training center you pay only for the materials used in the second stage of training.

  • Employment after receiving a certificate

    If you were selected for training and you have successfully prepared for it, then you will be employed to our company after the certification.

Training stages


Stage I. Training on Soldamatic simulators using the augmented reality (AR) technology


It is not necessary to burn hundreds of meters of welding wire and spoil tens of kilograms of rolled metal in order to get the welder's hand in and teach to understand the welding process.

The initial training on the Soldamatic welder's virtual simulators speeds up the development of welding technology by fifty percent, and the additional theoretical course allows you to carry out the welding process consciously.


Stage II. The welding modes mastering


The instrument "Analyzer of instability of welding processes" connected to the welding machine and recording the state of the welding arc in real time helps to understand the influence of the parameters of the welding process on the formation and quality of the weld cadet.

The result of the obtained data processing is displayed in the form of a histogram for each parameter of the welding process, which demonstrates the frequency of repeatability of a particular value during the welding arc burning.


Stage III. The preparation for certification according to ISO 9606


At the third stage, the welder practices the execution of the welding process on the metal samples in the different spatial positions in accordance with EN ISO 6947.

Based on the results of the training process, the trainees undergo the qualification tests that allow them to complete their studies with the certification according to the international standard ISO 9606. The certification is carried out by an expert from the German certification organization TÜV.


Theoretical part


The methodological manuals on mechanized welding in active gases (MAG 135) of steel products in accordance with DSTU ISO 9606-1 and welding with a tungsten electrode in an inert gas medium were drawn up and published for theoretical preparation of trainees for the certification exams,
(TIG 141) stainless steel and non-ferrous metal products
DSTU ISO 9606-1; 2; 3; 4; 5

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